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Welcome to Hill Valley 2015
Back to the Future...The Ride


Back to the Future...The Ride
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The Institute of Future Technology!


The Delorean Time Machine. A one of a kind scientific wonder.  Capable of travesrsing the
very fabric of time itself. The DeLorean time machine was unveiled to the world by inventor
Doctor Emmett Brown in 1985, after years of exhaustive research.


Brown's insatiable thirst for scientific knowledge led to the creation of what is considered
to be his greatest achievement - the flux capacitor. This is what makes time travel possible!
First, you turn the time circuits on, this read-out tells you where you're going, this one tells
you where you are, this one tell you where you were. You input your destination time on
this keypad, say you want to see the signing of the Declaration of Independance, or witness
the birth of Christ. The possibilities are as endless as time itself. When excellerated to 88
miles per hour the DeLorean time machine is proof positive that time travel is indeed a


As with all ground-breaking ideas, improvements are inevitable. In time, the ever-ingenious
Doc Brown returned to his laboratory for a complete re-working of the DeLorean concept. 
Ground travel as a mode of transportation was fine for blasting back to the past, but for
traveling forward to the future, Doc Brown took the DeLorean concept to new heights.
Modified and futurized with a simple hover Conversion from the year 2015, the DeLorean
was able to defy gravity, as well as the time barrier.


But when traveling through time, you're going to encounter some different terrain. Whether
you're crossing the high plains, or riding the rails in the old West, the original Doc Brown
DeLorean time machine is just the vehicle for the job. And you can see it now at the
Institute of Future Technology!


Doc Brown: Ha Ha! It works! Greetings Volunteers. Doc Brown here! Ahhhhh! I am
currently traveling down the Hill Valley skyway in the year 2015.  Soon I will return
to the institute to send you one whole day through time. But First, There seems to be
a small problem. Listen up volunteers - this concerns you. The current wherabouts, or
should I say whenabouts of Biff Tannen are unknown. It seems he's missing from the
year 1955. I dont know how or why this could be, but if Biff is allowed to roam freely
throught time, it could skew history as we know it ......Whooaaaoooh!


Doc Brown: Watch where you're Hovering, I'll be back soon time travel volunteers, and
remember: Stay Alert, Hoooo!


Doc on the March. Time stands still for no man, or so the old saying goes. But there
is one man who has time on his side - noted scientist Dr. Emmett Brown, time travel
has become not only a reality but an adventursome pastime!


Thomas Edison - master of electricity. The inventor of the lightbulb meets the inventor
of the flux capacitor. On to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, where Doc Brown is on hand
for the Wright Brothers famous First Flight!

Doc Brown: It Works!! Look at That, It Works!! Yahooo! It Flies!


Bet that thing would go a lot farther with a hover conversion, eh Doc?

There's Doc rubbing elbows with physicist Albert Einstein, talk about a meeting of
Great minds and great hairdos. It's no mistake that Doc Brown names his favorite
pup after the inventor of the theory of relativity.


Where's Doc now? Looks like he dropped in on a speech by Former President
Richard Nixon, and boy the Doc looks awfully attentive to alter time, oh well Doc -
hindsights always 20/20.


Next stop - 1964! And there's excitement in the air as the Beatles make their first
US appearance. First up is a press conference to welcome the lovable mop tops to
the Good old US of A! And there they are Paul, Ringo, George, John and Doc Brown.
The Ultimate Day Tripper!

Doc Brown: Let it be.

Doc on the March!


Doc Brown: Th-The-There!I did it! Doctor Emmett Brown here. Please pardon the
crudity of our broadcast signal, but I'm coming to you from the year 2015.
I've managed to rewire this hovercam so that I can beam transmissions to you
people back in the present.


Unfortunately what I'm about to tell you is of potentially cataclismic proportions. 
Brace yourselves time travel volunteers - this is he-hev-heavy!


Doc Brown: It seems that Biff is lose somewhere in time. But just where or rather when
he is, I'm not quite sure. But keep your eyes open, the one thing I do know is that Biff
will most certainly use time travel for his own peronal gain, as he did when he got a
hold of this.


Doc Brown: It was right here that Biff found the sports almanac and devised his
devilish plan.  By stealing the DeLorean and traveling back to 1955 with the
almanac Biff was able to give himself forbidden knowlege about the outcome of
every major sporting event for the next 50 years.

Biff: All you gotta do is bet on the winner and you'll never lose.


Doc Brown: And the result was catastrophic. Biff had succeeded in creating a
nightmare-come-true. Luckily, we were able to regain the almanac and restore
the space-time continuum. But believe me, that isn't my idea of fun. 


I cannot stress enough that bringing back even the smallest item from the future
can create the most incredible complication.  Once again time traveler volunteers,
information from the future must not be abused - As this Zemeckis-Gale diagram
clearly shows.


Doc Brown: But for that reason Biff must be stopped. I will be returning to you at
the institute shorty so remain calm. We will proceed with my plan as scheduled.
You will be sent one whole day into the future. It may not seem like much,  but
any more than a day might be a shock to your system.  Crossing the time barrier
is not for the weak at heart.  One more thing, when I send you one day into the
future if you should happen to see yourself in line: Don't say hi to yourself! Trust me
on that one.


The Institute of Future Technology Presents - Doc Brown: The Inventive Years.
Thomas Edison once said that invention is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration and
no one has proven this thoery better than Dr. Emmett Brown. Though Doc is best
known for his advances in time travel, the year before his development of the
DeLorean Time Machine were perhaps his most fruitful.


Doc churned out many inventions with a wide range of practical application - some
that worked and some that didn't. One of Doc's earliest creations was this automatic
flap-jack flipper, capable of producing over 300 pancakes an hour, this mechanical
marvel might have caught on if Doc's experimental saw-dust pankace batter had
been more popular.


Looks like it's supper time for Fido, nope Mom's just loading up the canine cafeteria,
Doc knows that the busy housewife or scientist isn't always around when it's feeding
time. Wake up boy, Fido doesn't seem to mind Doc's experimental saw-dust dog food.


We all know that a trip to the barber can be a hair-raising experience, and that's
especially true with Doc's static-o-matic electric hair chair. 200,000 volts of static
electricity cause the hair to stand up, making it much easier to cut. Can this process
damage your hair? "Absolutely not" - insits Doc Brown, "I've been using it for years
and look at my hair!"


Use Doc's dynomatic spray-gun to bronze your children's shoes, or bronze your wife's
hat - how stylish. Or bronze you cousin's face. Whoops! Don't try this at home!The
Dyno-matic spray-gun - the perfect holiday gift idea.

These are just a few of the phenominal technological advances pioneered by Dr.
Emmett Brown. Scientist, Inventor and Founder of the Institute of Future Technology.

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